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The images should tell your story, capture the unexpected in a posed shot, allow you to relive the memories of those in-between moments, and highlight the look he gave you when no one else was paying attention. 

I believe in creating a space for you to be you.

I believe in the importance of our relationship and as a photographer I think our time should be fun, so let loose, lets play. 

coverage includes

Personalized coverage to tell your story

a quick session over the phone or in person to insure were on the same page about your expectations

Fully edited images  delivered via an online gallery

Highlights of past photo sessions can be viewed at the link below. 

Deep Secret-6.jpg


Need headshots for your band? Group shots in your rehearsal space, or just some sweet photos in your rehearsal space. Let's make you look good! 

These look so good! Thank you a million times over, you are too good!
— Deep Secret Band
Kristen+David 190.jpg


I don’t meet many people who are comfortable in front of the camera, which is why I view getting you there the most important aspect of our time together. 

I love when these sessions can take place in your home, or somewhere special to the two of you. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH! These are absolutely amazing. Out of this world, beyond all expectations. You made this day especially special, and captured such sentimental moments. You’re the best!
— May + Tom
Thank you so much! They are amazing! :)
— Kristen + David
gabi and betsy-33.jpg


My favorite family sessions are those from a great afternoon spent together, whether in the park, or building tents in your home! Lets capture the moments of just you and your family spending time together.

Omg adorable! Seriously amazing. Thank you!!!
— Betsy